Runderwear #28DayChallenge

Runderwear 28 Day Challenge

With 28 days of lockdown ahead, we've decided here at Runderwear HQ to set ourselves a team challenge to encourage us to keep active, get outdoors and support one another with a #28DayChallenge.

Here's what we have pledged at Runderwear...

Rich - CEO of Runderwear

Runderwear Rich
"I am going to try and run 5km per day for the 28 days of lockdown. To be that consistent will be a big challenge for me but to get out once a day is so important for mental well-being. I’m committing to 15 mins of stretching a day to help too as this is something I never prioritise."

Emma - Head of Marketing

Runderwear Emma
"My 28 Day Challenge is to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day plus 10 minutes of stretching or core strengthening exercises. I have been struggling for motivation and consistency recently so I'm hoping this will challenge me to do some good, quality training and will be a great way to get away from the lap top so that the pressures of lockdown don't become too much!" 

Dave & Simon - Team Digital

Runderwear Dave & Simon
"We're going to commit to 3 runs a week throughout lockdown. 2 face to face socially distanced runs and 1 solo run each week. It's important to use the encouraged outdoor exercise time for physical well-being and we think it's important to stay connected with friends and colleagues for our mental well-being, too. We've also signed up for our first ultra marathon in March - so it's the perfect timing!"

Courteney - Marketing Assistant

Runderwear Courteney
"Recently I’ve found myself stuck in a rut and running the same 5km road route, without really pushing myself. To overcome this and make running fun again, my 28 Day Challenge is to explore new routes and terrains, which will offer different challenges than what I’m used to. I’d also like to switch up the distance I run more regularly, rather than falling back into the ‘safety net’ of a 5km run." 

Jamie - Co-Founder & Head of Product at Runderwear

Runderwear Jamie
"In lockdown I will be aiming to improve my speed after months of running without any focus. I have set a target of running a half marathon on New Years Eve (to keep me on track during Christmas!) in a time I would be happy with. In preparation I am using November's lockdown to build speed and target a 10 mile run in a time I would be happy with. I will also aim to do two core workouts per week to help achieve the goal."

Rhiannon - Content Creator

Runderwear Rhi
"My 28 Day Challenge is to get outdoors and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. I'm not a massive fan of cold weather, so this will be a huge challenge for me. I’m also committing to 20 minutes of breathwork and flow yoga every other day to help stay grounded, connected and it's really important for mental well-being too."

Why not set yourself a 28 Day Challenge?

We're super proud to be part of such a positive community who help us keep motivated.
Let us support your challenge by letting us know exactly what your goal is for lockdown via Instagram, Facebook or our Strava Club and include #28daychallenge 
Why not also upload your exercises and movements onto the Strava App then share your favourite moments on the Runderwear Club. 
There'll be spot prizes via our Runderwear Club to support the #28daychallenge - see you there!

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