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The Long and Winding Road - A New Chapter For Runderwear!

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Five Years in Brief(s)

Five years seems a good time to take stock and think about where we've come from and where we would like to go. In April 2018 Runderwear won the award for 'Best Underwear & Sock Brand', we were honoured to travel to the O2 in London for the announcement and over the moon to collect the award.

We couldn’t have done this without YOU our Runderwearers (quite literally as it was a nationwide public vote)!  My fellow Co-Founder Jamie and I chatted all night about how much had changed since we launched Runderwear at the London Marathon Expo in April 2013 but also about how much had stayed the same. 

Commitment to Comfort

Our mission hasn’t changed;  to design and construct the most comfortable, high performance underwear and socks for runners in the world.  Our attitude hasn’t changed; be for runners, by runners. Make products that our Runderwearers want and test it to perfection.  Finally, our values haven’t changed; do everything with honesty, virtuosity and passion.  And do it with a smile.

Back in April 2013 we launched Runderwear with a logo and packaging I designed, with the focus being solely on the product. My Grandad and Dad had been making socks for 6 decades and product detail was in my core. This was and will always be the most important part of Runderwear.  We innovate, we test and then we do it all again until its right.  We have delayed launches of products for two years (our Support Bra) until we had it 100% perfect!


Introducing The New Brand

Five years seems a good time to bring our branding up to the same level of our award-winning product ranges. I'm pleased to share with you our new logo, branding and website and I thought I would share with you how we got to decide on it!  

When we discussed with the design team about something that would represent us we kept talking about the long (and winding) road that it had taken in the first five years.  It isn’t easy and no one gives it to you.  We have had twists and turns, ups and downs and only our utter belief in our products has kept us going.  Jamie and I have stayed up all night at time for good times (product eureka moments!) and not such fun times (packing orders until 4.30am)!  

The Long and Winding Road

We've worried about every part of the business and cared passionately about our successes and failures and learnt from both. We have listened to our customers and hopefully you will agree cared about the way we service Runderwearers to give them the best experience possible.  We've travelled across multiple continents and down many roads to keep Runderwear moving and evolving.  
The long and winding road.  No road worth travelling is straight.  So our new logo reflects that. It is just like running - the road to your destination will have twists, turns and bumps but we will, and YOU will get there in the end.

We hope you love the new Runderwear look.  

Thank you for your support,

Richard Edmonds

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