The Sports Bra Inspiring a Nation

The Sports Bra Inspiring a Nation

It's been almost a week since the Lionesses won the UEFA Women's EURO 2022 and we’re still riding the wave of emotions that came with such a monumental occasion!

The pure joy and elation on Chloe Kelly’s face as she whirled her shirt above her head gave the importance of a sports bra a whole new meaning!

 Photograph: Michael Regan/Getty Images

This image is empowering and has become representative of the barriers that are being broken down one by one, by women in sport everywhere. So while we’re immensely proud of England women's team for their achievement against Germany on Sunday, this feels like so much more. There’s a bubbling excitement in the air for what this means for young women and girls everywhere, as they’re inspired to pursue their sporting dreams.

This is a hugely significant moment in history for an image of a women to be seen shirtless in a sports bra – celebrating that capabilities of women rather than seeing them as a symbol of sex.

This is also a reminder that breasts remain a taboo and without adequate support, women are at risk of long-term damage to their breast ligaments, as they battle up to 15cm of movement!

Chloe Kelly and the Lionesses, you have inspired generations and have highlighted the power of women around the world, and that is the legacy you deserve.

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