A message from the awesome Bryony Gordon!

"On May 27th, my friend Jada Sezer (the plus size model and mental health campaigner) and I hope to run/jog/walk/crawl the Vitality London 10K with as many women as possible - in their underwear, or some variation of it (Nimko Ali, the fearless FGM campaigner, has created a specially adapted costume so as not to offend her Somali parents). The idea is to create a powerful image of women, en masse, celebrating their bodies, instead of doing them down, as we are so often expected to. Because still, in the 21st Century, the idea of simply existing as you are - without filters or photoshop or some sort of self-loathing - is seen as radical. But Jada and I want to change that. We want women to know they are wonderful exactly as they are. And we want you to come join us, whatever your size, shape, age or body experience. And to help persuade you, we have enlisted the help of some high-profile women who will also be there, in their knickers and bra, on the day."

To support Bryony and the awesome team of Women running, Runderwear will give FREE printing to anyone who buys the Briefs below.  Simply select your size and add the name you'd like on your bottom!

*Please note we only print once a week so if you are ordering for events earlier than the Vitality 10km such as The London Marathon you may not receive your order in time for the race.