Men's Running Boxer Shorts - Blue

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Simply the best. Discover our lightweight, breathable, Running Boxers that are engineered for you to always run free and comfortable. They remove sweat from your skin quickly, so you can focus on your run and stay 100% chafe-free, guaranteed. 

♻️ Now made with 92% recycled fabric (GRS certified)

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Customer Reviews

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C.W. (England, United Kingdom)
Ladies! look in the men's section!

I found that my current underwear was causing chaffing when I started my training for my first marathon so my partner decided to buy me some ladies briefs - although MUCH better, I did find they caused a small amount of chaffing on runs when it was raining after a few washes (maybe I gained weight or they shrunk in the wash and no longer fit as well? who knows). the chaffing occurred right on the inside of the thigh where the pants made contact with the skin, so, I decided to try some runderwear pants that were a little longer.

Now on the women's side, the boxers appeared to be quite short in length (an issue I have had previously with women's boxers or riding up and curling of material on the inner thigh and didn't want to risk it). The next length up are quite a bit longer, reaching just above the knees (great for loose running shorts as an underlayer but alas mine had a liner and likely cause me to be too warm on hot days and create a weird double lining look).

So. I had a look on the men's side. LO and BEHOLD! The men's boxers were the PERFECT length. Without hesitation, I decided to buy myself a pair opting for a medium. I will never look back. they don't ride up, there is no rolling of the fabric on the inner thigh and don't stick out the bottom of my shorts lining. Screw societal norms. These are the best pair of running pants I have ever tried.

David Smithson (England, United Kingdom)
Good product

Really pleased with the purchase good fit very comfortable and no chaffing brilliant

Jon Smith (England, United Kingdom)

Perfect for every day or when running.

Christopher Prior (England, United Kingdom)
Soft comfortable flexable reliable

Theae boxers are great theu are the right length .. soft,comfortable and reliable . They stay in place and dont ride up .

john (England, United Kingdom)
Great - but flawed

I love these running boxer shorts. They're really well made, the material's lovely and they feel (and fit) great when you put them on.

But... they seem to lack support where it's needed when you run, if you know what I mean. Although they are made with a special male support section I find that things don't stay supported.

Maybe there's a knack to wearing them, so I'll continue to try and stay supported. Fingers (?) crossed!