Breast Cancer awareness month- pink & proud

Breast Cancer awareness month- pink & proud

55,000 women and 390 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK. That’s a stark statistic, but one that we’re determined to help combat in any way we can! That’s why Runderwear is excited to be raising vital funds for CoppaFeel! Breast Cancer Charity this October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We will be making a donation for every pink product purchased in October. With pink bras, underwear, vests, base layers, socks and more, you can be pink and proud knowing that you’re supporting life-saving work every time you put on your pink kit!

While turning the world pink for a month may feel like a trivial way to acknowledge such a serious subject, this is a way for us all to stand in solidarity with those suffering from breast cancer.


CoppaFeel! Exists to educate and remind people in the UK that checking their boobs or pecs could save their life. Everyone has breast tissue, which means that whatever your gender, you could be effected by breast cancer. Today, early detection of breast cancer significantly increases the chance of successful management and cure of the disease, which is why wearing pink to raise awareness and encourage men and women to check their chest, cannot be underestimated!

Try the CoppaFeel! self-checkout to learn about checking your chest and share your new knowledge with a friend, you could save their life and yours!


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