Half marathon training plans

Please find below your FREE 8 week half marathon training programme, created by England Athletics Road Running Manager, Tom Craggs. Choose between the Beginner, Improver and Experienced half marathon plan.

Beginner half marathon plan

This plan is aimed at runners who are new to the half marathon distance. You might be stepping up from a 5km or even a 10km and you should feel happy running 30-40 minutes continuously at an easy pace, and longer with the aid of short recovery breaks.

Improver half marathon plan

This plan is aimed at runners who have some experience with longer races. You might have
run a half before and are looking to improve, or perhaps you experienced at running 10ks and are looking to step up. You should feel able to tackle a continuous, easy paced run of around 70 minutes and have some experience of structure interval type training.

Experienced half marathon plan

This plan is aimed at experienced half marathon runners who already feel confident to run 80-90+ minutes in a long run and who have experience of both interval training and of regular racing. The plan is testing and assumes you already have good base of training in place over the previous 6-10 weeks.