Gift guide for runners

Gift guide for runners

With Christmas fast approaching, now is a good time to start thinking about gift ideas for the runner in your life. If you're struggling to find the perfect gift, Runderwear is here to help! To make things a little easier we’ve compiled a list of great gifts for runners of all abilities, whether they’re a seasoned pro or just starting out; you can guarantee the gift of chafe-free running is one they’ll be grateful for!

 1. Men’s Underwear

We know underwear is not usually something to get excited about under the Christmas tree, but trust us; Runderwear is different!

The Runderwear Men’s collection is designed to give maximum support with the highest level of comfort, so the runner in your life can stay comfortable mile after mile. Constructed using 360° seamless technology, there are no side seams or tags, resulting in less irritation against the skin and a guaranteed chafe-free run.

With a choice of Running Pants, Boxer Shorts, or Sustainable Underwear, there’s a fit that’s right for everyone.

2. Women’s Underwear

Chafing is the bane of many runners lives, it’s an unnecessary distraction and discomfort when you want to be focusing on the task at hand. As runners ourselves we understand this, so we've got a solution; chafe-free performance underwear.

The women’s collection is available in five styles - ThongBrief, Hipster and Hot Pants. The Women’s Collection is perfect for gifting because you can also purchase a matching running bra to complete the look.

3. Running socks

When it comes to running, those old trainer socks with holes in won’t do; the blisters and discomfort just isn’t worth it. So, if the runner you’re shopping for has overlooked the importance of a good pair of socks, as many do, you can set this straight for them.

The Runderwear Anti-Blister socks are an award-winning favourite amongst runners because of their double-layered feature, designed specifically to reduce the risk of blisters and provide the ultimate comfort and protection on every step of your run.

4. Premium Merino Range

Now for where it gets really good; the Runderwear Merino wool underwear. If you’re shopping for an ultra-runner, or someone who loves to venture onto the muddy trails, they need to know about Merino.

Simple, efficient, ingenious; Merino is an incredible natural performance fibre due to its ability to resist odours, regulate temperature (hot and cold), and extremely soft feel – perfect for the first layer touching the skin.

Runderwear currently offer a range of Merino underwear for both men and women, as well as Merino wool socks, making it the perfect gift this Christmas.


5. Gift Cards for runners

And of course, if you are spoilt for choice and aren’t sure what to go for, you always have the fool-proof option of a Runderwear gift card to fall back on. We know runners can be fussy about their kit, so give the gift of choice this Christmas.

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