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How to Keep Running Fun

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How to Keep Running Fun

The greatest thing about running is that it's accessible to everyone and you really get what you put in.

Every step brings improvement and every run shows some sort of progression, whether you need a fresh routine or are aiming to get into running but have always been put off, these are some ways we at the Runderwear HQ have some fun whilst we run: 

1. Be social!

My favourite way to catch up with friends is to go on a run with them! Run or jog during lunch with your colleagues, find a group to run with (try local Facebook groups) or join some communities on Strava. It's easier to keep your enthusiasm and keep motivated with other people. Post your achievements and share your experiences.

2. Targets and objectives.

Set yourself achievable targets and long-term objectives to work towards. Whether that means manually recording your timings at home or keeping track using a running app, working towards a set goal and managing your objectives not only keeps you motivated but is a good way of seeing your progression.

3. Variety!

Variety is key! Try different routes, places, distances, speeds and even weathers to keep things fresh.

4. Listen to and curate playlists.

Remember that time you felt on top of the world, free, energised because of that one song? Yeah, me too. Music is the drug that keeps you going and powers you through even the toughest of training. I love to make playlists for weathers, effort levels and distances but if you're looking for that instant hit of feel-good positivity and less of the work - try RockMyRun and don't miss a beat on your run.

5. Listen to your body.

Potentially the most important running advice you can ever hear. If you're new to running and just getting started, you need to focus particularly on improving your aerobic fitness and endurance. Aerobic fitness, also known as cardiovascular fitness, is the efficiency in which your body supplies energy and oxygen to your whole body. As this improves with every run and every step, listen to your body and go at your own pace. As your aerobic levels increase, running will become more enjoyable and you'll be able to test yourself in different environments.

6. Think of the results.

I really regret that run. Said no one ever. Running releases endorphins, relieves stress, improves self-esteem and has endless psychological benefits. So get an injection of the "runners high" and get out there! Run for your mind just as much you'd run for your body.

Hopefully we've given you enough motivation and encouragement to get out there and work towards your targets. Remember to always keep it fresh and always vary up your runs. See you out there!

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