INTERVIEW: Adrien Prigent, Champion Ultra Runderwearer™

INTERVIEW: Adrien Prigent, Champion Ultra Runderwearer™

We're proud that #Runderwearers all over the world wear our products, running chafe-free and in comfort; from jogging around the block to 100 mile Ultra Marathons. 

We recently had the chance to catch up with an incredible Runderwearer - Adrien Prigent AKA @Ultra.Chamois - winner of the Tarawera 100m Ultra Marathon in New Zealand earlier this year.

How long have you been running?

I started running at the end of 2013. I was partying and eating a little too much back then and decided it was time for me to lose some weight.

Running seemed to be the most efficient way to lose weight so I bought a pair of trainers and went out on a run.

So it’s been 4.5 years now.

Adrien Prigent at Tarawera Ultra

Was it a gradual build up to longer distances?

I first race in 2014 in the Manchester marathon so no it wasn’t what we would call gradual…

I ran my first Ultra, a 100k, in July 2015. From the start I was always drawn to longer distance.

You won the Tarawera 100 earlier this year which was an incredible achievement - congrats! How do you feel the night/morning before a race like that?

I usually feel quite relax because I know at that point there is nothing I can do I just have to trust my training and my body but I also feel quite nervous because of the huge challenge ahead. It is quite a weird feeling and it hard to describe. It is a 100miles so anything can happen really

Any pre-race rituals?

The only one I could think about is if my mum is with me to crew or support she is the one who is going to pin my bib on my shorts.

I won’t let anyone else do it if she is around.

What’s your nutrition plan in races? E.g. How often? Solids vs gels

During my long races I only and exclusively use Tailwind. I try and drink a 500ml with 3 scoops of Tailwind (300cal) every hour.

I would sometime have the odd piece of banana at the aid stations but I usually only drink Tailwind as it works really well for me.

What are the most important items in your race kit-bag?

It’s got to be the shoes and my Runderwear running socks! I think they are the only things I’d struggle to find a replacement for if I would be to forget them home…

Oh and my inhaler as well! I have athlete asthma so I would really struggle to finish a long race without it.

Do you have an ‘ultimate goal’ in running, or do you tend to go from race to race?

I obviously would like to do well in all my race and there are so many races I dream to run but my ultimate goal is to be able ro run and have fun in the mountains when I am 70!

Running is more than just a hobby for me it’s a way of living. I really do hope I can maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life. It has brought so much happiness in my life.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not running?

I love climbing, swimming and cycling. I also enjoy reading a good book but I’ve been struggling to fine the time to do this lately.

Who do you look up to or admire in the running world (or outside it!)

The people I really admire are the ones who cross the finish line last. We always talk about the first runner and how amazing and fast they are but I think the real troopers are these people who sometime take twice as long as the first runner to complete the race. At the end of the Tarawera 100miler I went back to the finish line to greet the last runners and it was mind blowing!

Most of these guys had been out for way over 30hrs and you could on their faces they had a rough time out there but most of them were still smiling. It was really beautiful to witness that!!

How many miles a week do you run? Are these all longer sessions or do you do any speed sessions for example?

I usually run between 80 and 130miles per week depending on where I am in my training and the terrain I am running on.

I would typically have 2 session a week (speed, hills,…) and the rest of my mileage is done at an easy pace with some back to back long runs on weekends.

I have a coach who takes care of my training. I find it much easier that way.

How good does it feel, crossing the finish line of a 100-mile race (in first place)?!

Oh man that’s the best feeling! I unfortunately didn’t get to experience this at Tarawera as a guy took a wrong turn at the end of the race and overtook me in the last 5k (he skipped 15k…) but crossing the finish line first in the Centurion SDW100 in 2017 is one of the proudest moment of my life especially as my parents were there. It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it… All the hard work, the sacrifices, the pain you had to go through finally pay off. It is such a special moments. The crowd shouting and going crazy as you come in is really overwhelming it is just crazy. I love it! I hope I will experience this again in the future.

What are your plans for the rest of this year? Any other big ones on the horizon?

I have now settle down in the Rockies in Canada and I am planning to stay here for a while. I live in Canmore, a town surrounded by mountains. It is such a beautiful place with many many trails to explore!

I will take part in the following race this year:

-        Sinister 7 100miler (Canada, July)

-        The Canadian Death Race (Canada, August)

-        UTHC 125k (Canada, September)

-        Golden Ultra (Canada, September)

-        TNF EC 50 California (USA, November)

Sinister 7 is only 10 days away now (7th of july) so I am currently tapering for this. I don’t want to jinx it but I am hoping to do well there. Let’s see

What advice would you give someone wanting to make the step up to Ultra distance races?

Take your time and listen to your body! All these races and trails are not going anywhere!

Never forget that resting is part of the training it allows your body to adapt to the training.

I often hear people say “it is not for me” or I could never run that far” but I think anybody can do it. It is of course a lot of train ing and dedication but it is woth it ;)

Just don’t rush it!!

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