Marathon Training Series - Creating a Routine

Marathon Training Series - Creating a Routine

Runderwear Marathon Training Series

Each week in the lead up to The London Marathon we'll be focusing on a different topic relevant to marathon training, from training plans to nutrition and running in the heat. So you'll have all the marathon insider knowledge in one place - your go to training hub!


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Marathon training is not only taxing on your body, but also your schedule and routine. You’ve committed to the challenge, now you’ve got to show up for yourself day in and day out to make that happen. We spoke to our four marathon runners to see how they fit the high mileage into their busy lives and to ask for any tips they can share.



For Linda, a great way of fitting everything in is combining socialising with marathon training. Linda schedules one long run a month with her running group, Black Girls Do Run UK, which means she can catch up with friends while staying on track with her training.

Not only this, but running with friends provides the perfect support system for when things start getting tough and you need someone to pull you through and remind you why you’re doing this. Even if you run solo 90% of the time, we really recommend following Linda’s lead with monthly group runs.




Immie’s holy grail when it comes to fitting marathon training into her routine, is planning the week ahead on a Sunday. We’ve all heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”, but that’s really something to remember when it comes to all aspects of marathon prep.




As the Co-Founder of runderwear and a Dad, Jamie is no stranger to juggling a busy schedule – add marathon training into the mix and he’s definitely got his hands full! Luckily, we’re big fans of lunch time runs at runderwear, so if Jamie hasn’t managed to get his miles in that morning he’s likely to maximise his time by spending his lunch break ticking the training miles off.  This is also a great way to stretch your legs and re-energise during the working day, setting you up for a more productive afternoon.




Kev rarely gets to 9am without already banking some miles, it’s literally the blue print to a good day for him. When it comes to marathon training this means Kev’s mornings are getting earlier and earlier as he fits in those longer runs before a full day of work – it’s definitely not easy, but the early mornings will be worth it when he crosses the finish line at London with that PB in the bag!



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