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Runderwear™ Review from the Scottish Highlands

Runderwear™ Review from the Scottish Highlands

Runderwear review from Carron and Corri, CS6D athletes (Cross Scotland in 6 Days; Facebook @CS6Dtrail)

You know that you have great underwear on when you notice nothing about it. Day 4 of our 6 day run across Scotland was destined to be a big one. 41 miles of mountain terrain, rain, wind and bog and anything else the Scottish weather and Highlands could throw at us.

We were both tired. Pulling on our damp kit from the previous day in the dark and in the back of a damp van made for a tough 6am start. But dry Runderwear pants had arrived the night before and were a well-timed, welcome addition to our kit list.

We gave it a good 14hrs of running across some of the remotest and wildest parts of Scotland. It got the full Scottish weather treatment; from freezing rain to sweaty sunshine. Indeed, the step-counter estimated a cracking 72,000 steps for the day.

As for the underwear? We can honestly say that we never noticed our underwear once: no chafe; no annoying rubbing or wrinkling; and both comfortable and quick drying after some soaking river crossings.

We know what we want for Christmas now! Runderwear should be on every runner’s wish list – Don’t Run Commando!


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