Six Star Finisher

Six Star Finisher


After getting back from the 2018 Chicago Marathon Expo, Tania from Team Runderwear catches up with Lisa Nicole Atkinson on achieving her Six Star medal after completing the six Abbott World Marathon Majors (Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York, and Tokyo).


How did your marathon journey begin?
This journey began totally by accident. I ran my first marathon in Edinburgh and got a time of 3:34 which I later learned was good enough to get me a guaranteed Good For Age entry into London. So I decided to run London the following year. A few friends decided to do the Berlin Marathon the year after that and I agreed to go along as well. Then I was surprised with a place in New York that same year. This is when I decided to complete all 6, having learned about the Abbot World Marathon Majors in Berlin. Chicago 2018 was my final one and I am incredibly excited to finally get my 6 Star medal! 


What was it like running in each of the host cities?
Each Major for me has been incredibly memorable in its own way. London was my first, and I have done it every year since. The atmosphere and crowds make the event absolutely electric! I achieved my PB in Berlin (3:18) and the finish under the Brandenburg Gate is spectacular. The party atmosphere of New York took my breath away, especially running into Manhattan. Tokyo was like a different world. It was simply incredible! The people were amazing and the sights I saw on the route will stay with me for life. And Boston....what can I say? I swam Boston 2018 and survived the bitter cold!! I would love to return to run Boston again, as I can't be that unlucky to get freak weather conditions twice. I have incredibly fond memories of visiting each city, and know that if it wasn't for the Majors challenge, I don't think I would have visited several of the cities in the series. And what better way to see a new place than to run 26.2 miles around it? 
It has taken 3 years, a lot of patience and time dedicated to training, a substantial financial investment and hard work to get to this stage. I’m not sure what to set my sights on when I am done, but it has been totally worth it!

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