Essential Summer Running Kit! – Runderwear™

Essential Summer Running Kit!

Summer Running Kit Essentials


Sun protection

Step out in style while staying protected in these goodr sunglasses!

Summer Running with Goodr and Runderwear

Ok, give me your serious face? Good, I like that, now take a look at goodr’s world wide website,, and try and keep that serious face. See, it’s gone hasn’t it? That’s the powr of wondr at goodr… they boil the essence of awe to aw….and gift glasses for that Dwarf Star in the Sky to you with a reckless commitment to fun.

Never has a trade felt goodr – they’ll raid your wallet as lightly as is humanly possible, and you’ll turn that frown upside down….

School stuff here – Glare-reducing, polarized lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Block out the rays while turning up the heat with Ultrasun 

When playing sport and exercising, having a sunscreen that stays put throughout is essential, for health and for no distractions during play. With 90% of UV rays able to penetrate light cloud cover, UK protection is just as important as overseas.

Skin cancer is on the rise, and is the most common form of cancer in the UK. There are around 16,000 new melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK every year, that's 44 every day (2014-2016). Since the early 1990s, melanoma skin cancer incidence rates have more than doubled (134%) in the UK. Rates in females have increased by two times (100%) and rates in males have almost tripled (181%).

Leading Swiss sun care experts Ultrasunoffers a sports range specifically tailoredto provide long-lasting, high level, photostable, broad-spectrum protection in sporting and active situations.



Hydrate in the heat, with storage for your phone, gels & essentials, with this Fitletic Hydra 16 belt

Summer Running Kit

The no-bounce design does just what it promises: provides a problem-free way to carry your water bottle and essentials without riding up or bouncing. The Hydra 16 will be your new favourite running accessory. It combines many features into one belt, including storage for your essentials, smartphone, gels - plus it even has integrated toggles.


Fill your Runderwear water bottle with the perfect Precision Hydration plan

Summer Running with Runderwear and Precision Hydration

During the hot Summer months, it's especially important to replace the fluid and electrolytes you're losing in your sweat if you want to perform at your best. Pretty obvious that huh! But it's not necessarily always as straight forward as you think to stay hydrated when you're running longer distances. Just drinking water when sweating for long periods can result in low blood sodium levels (known as hyponatremia), which can mean headaches, nausea and cramp. What many don't know is that everyone loses a different amount of salt in their sweat. Skye is the saltiest sweater at Runderwear, losing nearly 50% more sodium than Richard! So, personalising your hydration strategy can be really beneficial. 

Many of us here at Runderwear have been Sweat Tested by Precision Hydration (a fellow Dorset business based just up the road from us) and they've been helping us nail our hydration plans. If you want help refining your hydration strategy for when it's safe to race again, take their free online Sweat Test to get advice tailored to the event you're training for. You can even book a FREE 20 minute video call to ask PH's experts your hydration questions and discuss your hydration strategy.


Hit the ground running in these Vibram ultimate barefoot running shoes

Summer Running Kit Essentials

Redesigned with a softer upper and perforated to maximize breathability, the V-RUN is now even more comfortable. This is an ideal running shoe for those making the transition from a traditional to a minimalist shoe. The thinner sole lets you feel your run, connecting you to the true barefoot running experience.

Vibrams primary design function for the V-Run is for all types of running and in particular road running and gym/treadmill. The special Vibram compounds in the sole offer endurance grip and comfort. The upper has a secure speed lace fastening system and breathable and lightweight upper. Can be worn in full replacement of conventional trainer or as part of, for example a strength and conditioning training program.

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40 thoughts on “Essential Summer Running Kit!

  1. avatar Kevin Hogan says:

    Will my big toes actually fit into these shoes?
    If I get them in, will I get them out?
    They do look good.

  2. avatar Laurie Heigh says:

    by far best socks and underwear ever used fortraining and race days. Not to mention guys are super friendly and thT 60day challenge was awesome..real daily motivator to keep.moving grow stronger and fitter but also.keeping the mind focused and healthy! Thankyou…and 100% a repeat customer. Cant wait till races are finally allowed again and get to personal meet the team💪💪

  3. avatar catherine oram says:

    useful accessories. would love to try the shoes

  4. avatar Kait says:

    Fantastic kit – love the undies for long training runs and ultras they’re the only things that don’t attack me and leave my skin mauled!

  5. avatar Chris Minchella says:

    It Would be a lovely to win especially with the year we’ve had

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