Webinar: Marathon Nutrition | Race Week Boster

Webinar: Marathon Nutrition | Race Week Boster

Welcome to the "Marathon Nutrition: Race Week Boost" Webinar

Unlock Your Best Marathon Performance

Every step towards the marathon finish line begins with the right preparation. That's why [Your Brand Name], your trusted partner in running apparel, has teamed up with a leading sports nutritionist to bring you an exclusive webinar designed to supercharge your race week nutrition strategy.


What You'll Learn

Our comprehensive webinar covers every angle of marathon nutrition, ensuring you're fully prepared when race day arrives. Here's what's on the agenda:

  • Optimising Carb Loading: Tailor your carb intake to ensure you're fully fueled and ready to go, without the bloat.
  • Race Morning Nutrition: Strategize your pre-race meal timing and content to start strong and maintain your pace.
  • Mid-Race Fueling: Perfect your gel or snack strategy to maintain energy levels and avoid the dreaded wall.
  • Hydration and Electrolytes: Understand the balance to stay hydrated and cramp-free, optimizing performance and endurance.
  • Performance & Recovery Supplements: Explore supplements that can aid performance and speed up recovery, keeping you in top condition.


Secure Your Spot

Ready to take your marathon performance to the next level? Register now for the "Marathon Nutrition: Race Week Boost" webinar. Spaces are limited to ensure an interactive experience, so don't miss out on this opportunity to optimise your nutrition strategy for your best race yet.


Choose Your Date

Understanding busy schedules and the importance of flexibility, we are offering the webinar on three different dates. Select the one that best fits your calendar:

Use the code 'RUN20' to unlock an exclusive 20% discount.


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