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10 Alternatives to the London Marathon

Have no fear if you didn't get into the London Marathon 2020! In the Runderwear office, four of us have done London as well as many other marathons and, although it's definitely one for the bucket list, it's not the only marathon around.

To help you through the disappointment of not getting into London this time, we've put together a list of ten equally good marathons in spring 2020.

26.2 is 26.2, eh?

1. Manchester Marathon - 5th April 2020

Fast and flat this early April marathon is a good one for a PB, although it does sell out quickly so best get your entry in soon. Sophie at #TeamRunderwear will be taking on this race in 2020 so we'll be taking a closer look nearer the time!


2. Brighton Marathon - 19th April 2020

Starting at Preston Park in Brighton, this is a mainly flat route which takes you through the town and along the seafront. Lots of support and all the feel of a big city marathon.

This was Rob from Team Runderwear's first ever marathon several years ago, just nipping in under 3 hours - "the atmosphere is incredible", says Rob. As with most coastal marathons the weather is an important consideration here.


3. Edinburgh Marathon - 24th May 2020

A little later on in the year, the Edinburgh Marathon offers GUARANTEED entry to anyone who failed to gain entry to the London Marathon.


4. Boston UK Marathon (Lincs not Massachusetts) - 19th April 2020

This marathon doesn't rely on its famous namesake's reputation for entries. Billed as 'the fastest marathon in the UK' why not head off to Lincolnshire next April?


5. Newport Marathon - 19th April 2020

Someone in our office did the inaugural Newport Marathon in 2018 and gave it a big thumbs up! A well organised race on a flat course.

Another one run by Runderwear Rob at the inaugural 2018 Newport Marathon. Very flat and a professional feel without some of the hassle of big city marathons (there were no queues for the toilets!)


6. Blackpool Marathon - 26th April 2020

The half and full marathons both start at the same time, from underneath the iconic Blackpool Tower. 26.2 miles and all the sticks of rock you can buy! 

Increasingly popular and on a couple of Team Runderwear's lists for the future!

7. Milton Keynes Marathon - 3rd May 2020

Leafy streets, tree lined boulevards and a finish in the MK Stadium - what's not to like!


8. Windermere Marathon - 17th May 2020

A far more relaxed affair than big city marathons but still incredibley well organised and with a studding route though the Lake District countryside. You'll run a single circuit of Lake Windermere.

Another one on the 'to-do' list of Runderwear runs!


9. North Dorset Village Marathon - 3rd May 2020

Let's throw one in that's local to Runderwear HQ! This marathon is as described; 26.2 miles through the Dorset countryside, from village to village. Optimists would call it undulating, realists... 


10. Great Welsh Marathon - 5th April 2020

Wales' longest running marathon is set in the beautiful Llanelli Millennium Coastal Park, the course is both flat AND traffic free. Amazing.

Great Welsh Marathon

Or you could try for a charity place in London or try and get Good For Age (or even Championship) starts for 2020!

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