5 Reasons you get blisters: causes and treatments

Runderwear: How To Prevent Blisters
5 Reasons You Get Blisters: Causes, Treatments and Prevention
A runner's worst nightmare... blisters. We've all been there – the pain and discomfort they cause can ruin a run and leave you out of action for days. Blisters develop to protect damaged skin and help it heal, so we're exploring the 5 main cause of blisters and one guaranteed solution.

We've teamed up with Dorset-local podiatrist, Luckie Foot Clinic, to get some specialist insight on how to prevent, treat and cure blisters.
Blister Causes: Friction
Common in runners and caused by your foot repeatedly rubbing against another surface.

"Friction puts pressure on heels, soles and toes cause by ill-fitting trainers. To help reduce friction, you need the correct socks and footwear."
– Jamie Luckie, Podiatrist
5 Reasons You Get Blisters: Temperature
Extreme weather in hot or cold conditions increases foot sensitivity and the risk of blisters.

"Too much heat is bad for your feet! Mesh trainers and breathable socks are great for ventilation to combat this."
– Jamie Luckie, Podiatrist
5 Reasons You Get Blisters: Trainers
Too big, too small or even too new! All can lead to severe irritation of your skin.

"Additionally, for runners, it's always beneficial to undergo gait analysis with a podiatrist."
– Jamie Luckie, Podiatrist
5 Reasons You Get Blisters: Moisture
Feet are highly sensitive and moisture softens the skin, making it more prone to damage.

"As well as blisters, moisture can cause bad odour, athletes foot and fungal nail infections. To help, breathable and moisture-wicking sock designs are crucial."
– Jamie Luckie, Podiatrist
5 Reasons You Get Blisters: Socks
Unsuitable material or quality means your feet will get inadequate protection.

"Poor socks, such as cotton socks, retain moisture, increase heat and cause friction."
– Jamie Luckie, Podiatrist
1 Reason You Don't Get Blisters: Runderwear
Runderwear Anti-Blister Running Socks: The Solution To Preventing Blisters

"They are really comfortable and I'm now blister free! These are now my go to socks and I can't recommend them enough!"
Steve, F
Stop Blisters Now

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