6 Sport bra myths we're here to bust!

6 Sport bra myths we're here to bust!

We’ve all had someone tell us something about their boobs or bra that can’t be true, but we fall for it anyway. Here at Runderwear we are committed and determined to bust those myths, so you really know what's what! So here are 6 sports bra myths we’re here to bust, on your behalf! 


1.  ‘I have small boobs so don’t need to wear a sports bra’

    WRONG! Breasts contain no muscles; the main support structure is the Cooper’s ligaments (bands of tissue which divide the breasts) meaning the breast move up-and-down, side-to-side, and forwards-backwards. On average, a women’s breasts move 9 cm with every step! So for example, size A cup breasts can weigh the same as a cup of sugar! Therefore, a correctly fitted and supportive sports bra is important for all sizes to reduce breast pain, embarrassment, and even breast sag! 


    2.  ‘Wearing 2 sports bras is better than 1 correctly fitted sports bra’ 

      WRONG! Don’t fall into the trap that wearing two (or more – yep people do this!) sports bras will provide you with more support. You could wear multiple strappy poor-quality sports bras and they still will not provide the correct support. One well fitted, comfortable, and supportive sports bra is the only one you should be wearing! 


      3.  ‘I’ve had my sports bra for years and it's still perfect’ 

        WRONG! Just like your running trainers your sports bra will wear out. Over time, through multiple cycles of wearing and washing your sports bra, it’s likely it will lose its shape and support. There are no set guidelines to how long your sports bra should last, however if you notice changes in the feel of your sports bra, such as it becoming less supportive, or it loses its shape, then it's probably time for a new one. Another reason your well-worn sports bra is probably not still perfect, is that your body and breasts may have changed over time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to regularly measure yourself. Head to Runderwears bra size finder to find your perfect size! 


        4.  ‘My sports bra is tight which means its supportive’ 

          WRONG! A sports bra shouldn’t feel restrictive or tight such that it could affect your performance and/or breathing. A well fitted good-quality sports bra should provide you the correct support when it is firm and snug.



          5.  ‘I’m the same size in every brand’ 

            WRONG! Different brands use different sizing methods therefore its very unlikely you will be the same size in every single brand, so it's important to look at each individual brands size guide. Head to Runderwear's Bras Size Finder to find your perfect fit. 


            6.  ‘My cup size is the same across all underband sizes’ 

              WRONG! The cup size represents the difference between the underbust and overbust measurement. Therefore, a C cup of a 32-inch underband is smaller than a C cup on a 40-inch underband. With this in mind, sister sizing is very important. This is when the overall cup volume stays the same, but the band size and cup letter change in opposite directions. 


              We hope this feature has helped to bust some of those common sports bra myths, to help ensure you’re wearing the right sports bra and fit. To ensure you're running in the right size sports bra for your body, head over to our Bra Size Finderto find your perfect fit, or contact our resident Bra Expert Molly on 

              Discover the ultimate in chafe-free, joy infused, fully supported running today! 

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