Meet our ambassador running coaches

Meet our ambassador running coaches

🏃️UK Coaching Week🏃

With this week being UK Coaching week, we asked Steven why runners should consider using a coach:

“Being a coach myself, I would always recommend a running coach, especially to runners taking on a marathon for the first time. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to know how to get you prepared for the big day in the best way possible. On top of this, having a coach will also hold you accountable for the training, which I find is a great motivational tool. Of course coaching plans are adaptable and totally tailored to you and your ability, as we understand that life can get in the way sometimes”

Image Credit: sjb_running

With many people starting their marathon training this week (16-week programmes), we also asked Steven his top tips for anyone planning on running a marathon:

️ Before you start, get a trainer fitting (or gait analysis) at your local running shop - The right shoes are key.

️ Get yourself some quality kit - you’ll be running 3-5 days a week, comfort is vital. My ultimate, go-to clothing item is the Runderwear Long Boxer shorts - I never leave the house without a pair.

️ Keep your easy runs easy - You should be able to speak a couple of sentences without getting out of breath.

️ Take care of your body -  Sports massages are a great way to stay fresh. Always stretch/foam roll after sessions - It can be hard to find the time but even 10 minutes before bed will make you feel much better the next day.

️ Be sensible, if you have a slight ‘niggle’, rest for a day or two. Better to be out for a day or two, than a week or two, or even worse months (potentially missing the main event).

️ If you follow an online plan, keep your goal time realistic/achievable. And only increase your mileage 10% each week. If in doubt, reach out to a coach on Instagram for advice. They’ll be happy to help.

️ Most importantly - It’s an incredible journey, so enjoy yourself!

Find these tips useful? Save them as a useful reference during your training, and do share them with your fellow running buddies 👏

Image Credit: sjb_running

We loved chatting to Steven and finding out his top tips.

Get in touch and share your top tips too! #Born2Coach

Happy running!

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