Retire and Repurpose Your Running Bra

Retire and Repurpose Your Running Bra

Finding the perfect running bra can feel impossible, one that fits just right, doesn’t chafe, supports you and offers complete comfort – the goldilocks of sports bras if you like!

Time to let go?

So once you’ve experienced perfection, we understand that it can be difficult to let go. Your Runderwear bra has supported you through miles of training and never let you down, it’s become the one non-negotiable item for a comfortable run – so who can blame you for not wanting to risk anything new?

While Runderwear bras are durable and wash well, like all sports bras they will gradually stretch over time, in fact bras are known to stretch up to 3 inches during their lifetime. This means that your favourite running bra, that’s been put through its paces mile after mile, may no longer be offering you the support you need.

If this is the case, it’s time to retire and repurpose your Runderwear bra. Don’t worry, you don’t really have to say goodbye yet – there are plenty of lower impact activities that require less support, which will be perfect for your extra-loved Runderwear bra. For example, strength and conditioning, hiking, yoga, or even gardening!

Time for a refresh?

So now you’ve repurposed your extra-loved bra, it’s time to invest in yourself and purchase a new and supportive running bra. You’ve worked hard and earnt it, don’t compromise on this one – your boobs and performance will thank you for it!

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