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The 10 flattest marathons in the UK

The 10 flattest marathons in the UK

The Runderwear™ team have great marathon experience across the UK and the world; Chicago, Cape Town and London are just a few that we've ran this year! We all run for different reasons and sometimes we all try to chase that elusive PB! So we thought we'd spend a while researching some of the fastest, flattest marathons in the UK.

Here are 10 of our favourite and the UK’s best flat marathons:

Newport Marathon

Newport Marathon route elevation

With the route devised by double Olympic marathon runner Steve Brace, the Newport Marathon takes runners through the city centre and out through rural villages and medieval towns before heading back to the city. Due to its flatness, 70% of runners in the 2018 Newport Marathon reported a new PB.

Boston Marathon

Boston marathon uk route elevation

Billed as the UK’s flattest marathon, the Boston Marathon route begins in the market square of this Lincolnshire town meanders through the rural countryside. If you’re looking to achieve your goal marathon time surrounded by farmland and fields, this is the one to sign up for.

Greater Manchester Marathon

Manchester marathon route elevation

The finish line to the Greater Manchester Marathon is at the spectacular grounds of Old Trafford. Renowned as one of the most friendly marathons in the country, the course has a height gain of only 150 metres and is one of the best marathons to enter for first timers.

Edinburgh Marathon

Few marathons boast such stunning scenery and architecture. Taking in historic landmarks as well as the rugged East Lothian coastline, the Edinburgh Marathon has long been known for being one of the fastest in the UK.

Blackpool Marathon

This north western classic takes runners along the entire Blackpool promenade. The route consists of two loops of a half marathon circuit that hugs the town’s coastline with the Irish Sea. Find out more about the Blackpool Marathon.

Milton Keynes Marathon

If you’re looking to do a fast marathon in the home counties, then look no further. With its expansive network of cycle paths, and BARR Gold accreditation for race management, the Milton Keynes Marathon is one to certainly take note of.

Chester Marathon

As well as being an enticingly flat course, the Chester Marathon also has free monthly paced training runs. If you’re looking to set a new PB, the actual event also has pace runners so that you can get behind your goal time and stay with them to the finish line.

Yorkshire Marathon

Having sold out for five consecutive years, the Yorkshire Marathon has been named the number one alternative marathon to London. It’s slightly flatter than London too and much like the Chester Marathon, has pace runners for you to follow on the day.

Abingdon Marathon

Since 1982 the Abingdon Marathon has welcomed runners to its flat, fast marathon course in Oxfordshire. The expectation for speed on this route is relatively high with the organisers operating a strict five hour time limit.

London Marathon

 London marathon elevation

The big name marathon that all your relatives will have heard of. The London Marathon takes in all the iconic landmarks of the capital, the route remains one of the flattest around and while the number of runners in this marathon is pretty high, congestion in the pack is not often a problem. However, getting a place in this highly sought after marathon can be.

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