Your free bra fitting experience

Your free bra fitting experience


We know how important a correctly fitted and supportive sports bra is, so that’s why we created our Energize (previously known as the ‘Original’), and Power (previously known as the ‘Easy On’) sports running bras.

However, we also understand that all boobs are different so discovering the perfect fit isn’t always straight forward. We are committed and to finding women in the runderwear community and beyond, the perfect fit for the perfect run. This is why we are now offering our free online bra fitting experience!

Keep on reading to find out what it’s all about…


The appointment

We know online bra fitting is something a little different, and can be quite emotive for some of us, so we want to run you through what it involves, so you know what to expect:

  • When booking your appointment you can chose either a voice or video call - whatever works for you, works for us! 
  • Our bra fit experts only work in private spaces to ensure absolute privacy and comfort for you
  • Don’t worry if you are short of time, calls are scheduled for 20 minutes but often only take 10 minutes!
  • For your appointment you need to wear a non-padded bra with a thin vest top - there’s no need to get your kit off!
  • It is important to have a flexible tape measure to use during the fitting
  • If you have already purchased a runderwear bra, please wear it for the appointment so that our fitters can check you’ve found the perfect fit
  • If you have opted for a voice call, ensure you are close to a mirror so that you can see what you are doing during the fitting
  • Alternatively, if you have selected a video call, ensure your camera is positioned so that the bra fit expert can see your upper torso
  • We will work with you to take your underbust and overbust measurements, then calculate your bra size and recommend the best runderwear bra for you
  • We can then answer any other questions you might have relating to bra fit and size
  • Don’t forget, we offer free exchanges and returns until you find the perfect fit!


This is how our video calls look, so you know what to expect ^^^

Is an online fitting for you?

So, who is an online fitting designed for?

Our bra fit experts are ready and waiting to help anyone who would like help with runderwear bra sizing. Here are a few examples of how an online fitting has recently helped other customers:

  • You’ve been wearing the same sports bra for years and know it’s time for an upgrade but have no clue what size you are.
  • Changes in body shape from weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy means boobs change all the time, so getting the right size is essential!
  • Don’t know your bra size or never been measured? We will discover your runderwear size and explain how sizing works, answering your bra fit queries.
  • Just want to understand how runderwear sizing works - we're here to answer those questions too!

Still unsure if an online fitting is for you? Just drop us an email at and we can answer any of your queries. Our friendly bra fit experts are here to support you!


Meet our bra fit experts

Introducing our two bra fit experts, Molly and Katie:

First up, we have Molly. Molly has worked at runderwear for the last 2 years covering all things fit related and customer service. So whether you’ve got a question on sock sizing or bra sizing, Molly has you covered and supported! Molly knows our products inside out (literally!) and has fitted countless women over the years at the many events we have attended. As our go-to customer service and fitting guru, Molly is  one of our resident runderwear product pro's!

Next up is Katie. Katie recently joined the runderwear team after studying Sport Biomechanics in which she completed extensive sports bra research. Within team runderwear Katie is focused on all things sports bras. Alongside running online bra fitting appointments, Katie also creates content for runderwear. Katie is constantly working with our team, applying her bra and boobs expertise, to improve our bra experience.


    What do customers say about our bras?

    Of course we'd say our bras are great, but what do our customers say about our runderwear bras…

    “So comfortable! It’s so easy to forget it’s a sports bra as the fit has no issues” - five-star feedback from Maeri on our Energize bra.

     “Excellent bra, so comfortable, at last a bra designed for women with larger busts. My breasts feel completely supported…I do a lot of running and I can highly recommend this bra. I bought two!” - another fantastic review from Lucinda on our Power bra.


    What customers say about our fittings…

    We have had some great feedback since we kicked off our online bra fitting experience:

     “It was everything I expected and needed!”- Helen, a runderwear undies-only customer, who had previously purchased underwear but had never purchased a runderwear bra.
     “It was very quick and easy”- Amie, a non-runderwearer who has discovered her hidden advantage.
    "I found the fitting really helpful- great to understand how the various measurements work"- Nicki, a happy runderwear customer.


    How do I book?

    Need to discover your runderwear size? Why not get booked in for your online bra fitting experience, so you can shop the runderwear bra range with confidence?

    Learn more about our bras.

    If you have any questions we haven’t answered in this feature, we are always happy to help. Simply drop us an email at - we look forward to helping you find your perfect fit.

     Cover image by patricia serna on Unsplash  

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